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Flameless Cylinder Lighter Pink 8.75"

Item Number: 003890

Flameless Cylinder Lighter Pink 8.75"

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At 8.75 inches long and 0.625 inches wide, our Flameless Cylinder Lighter is the perfect solution for all of your lighting needs. The chic pink design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, making it a reliable choice for lighting candles and more.

  • Double Safety Switch: Safeguard against accidental touches with a strategically placed safety switch, elevating safety in your pocket or bag.
  • Auto-power Off Feature: Take advantage of the auto-power off feature by pressing the power button for 7 seconds, preventing potential high-temperature damage and prolonging the service life of your lighter.
  • Wind & Splash Proof: Tailored for both indoor and outdoor use, the innovative design ensures your lighter can withstand strong winds. This makes it an ideal companion for lighting candles during outdoor events, gatherings, and camping adventures.
  • USB Rechargeable: Equipped with a robust battery, your Flameless Cylinder Lighter is easily rechargeable through various methods. Bid farewell to the hassle of constant refills and embrace a more sustainable lighting solution.

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