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Gift Box Wood Board - 11.25" x 15"

Item Number: 016104

Gift Box Wood Board - 11.25" x 15"

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Introducing the Gift Box Wood Board, a delightful addition that brings a touch of joy to your kitchen with its cheerful gift box shape and ribbon. Crafted to add a festive and celebratory element to your culinary experiences, this whimsical 11.25" x 15" board is designed with a charming gift box shape.

  • Generous Dimensions: Sized at 11.25" x 15", this board provides ample space for serving and presenting your favorite treats, making it perfect for celebrations.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted from high-quality wood, this board is both decorative and functional for all your culinary needs.
  • Versatile Celebration Use: Beyond its delightful gift box shape, use it for chopping, serving snacks, or presenting festive appetizers during your special celebrations.
  • Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: Spread joy with the Gift Box Wood Board. It makes an ideal gift for various occasions, bringing a festive touch to kitchens and celebrations alike.
  • Year-Round Festive Elegance: While designed for celebrations, the Gift Box Wood Board adds a festive vibe to your kitchen, making it a delightful addition throughout the year.

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