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Glass Wine Carafe - 36 oz

Item Number: 003839

Glass Wine Carafe - 36 oz

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Enhance your dining experience with our Glass Wine Carafe. This carafe's sleek, streamlined design is perfect for the modern table, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical function. With a 36-ounce capacity, it’s ideally suited for serving and aerating your preferred wines, allowing them to breathe and fully develop their flavors. The clear glass showcases the wine's color and body, making it not only a useful tool for wine aficionados but also a stylish centerpiece for any gathering.


  • Size: 10" Height
  • Capacity: 36 oz
  • Material: Durable clear glass for a full view of the wine's color and consistency.
  • Design: Sleek and streamlined, perfect for contemporary settings.
  • Functionality: Ideal for aerating and serving wines, enhancing the tasting experience.

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