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Balloon Unicorn Bank Pink

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Balloon Unicorn Bank Pink

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This extraordinary coin bank combines the charm of balloon animals with the mystical allure of unicorns, creating a captivating and practical accessory for kids and adults alike.

  • Made of quality ceramic material, its vibrant fuchsia color makes it an eye-catching and delightful decorative piece that adds a touch of magic to any space.
  • Measures approximately 7 x 6 inches; it's compact enough to fit on a shelf, dresser, or desk, yet large enough to hold a substantial amount of coins.
  • Our unicorn bank not only encourages the habit of saving but also serves as a whimsical decoration for bedrooms, playrooms, offices, and more. Whether you're a child learning the value of money or an adult seeking a delightful reminder of childhood innocence, this coin bank will bring joy to your life.
  • Contained in protective packaging, ready for easy gifting.

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